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1. Choose the product

Please see the products available at DEPOAPLUS.COM through the CATEGORY menu. In the desired product, click the 'Buy' button to put it in your shopping cart. Add other products as needed.

2. View you shopping

The top right shows the number of items in the grocery and the total value of your order. If you want to see a detailed shopping list, hover over the Cart image.

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Here is your shopping summary and the total cost you have to transfer. then there's our branch selection column like TANGERANG, CILEGON, SERANG. then choose one of our branches and make sure that our branch is closest to your address. then click "proceed to checkout"

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4. Login

You will be directed to the 'Login' section. If you have registered (already registered), please use your email and password to login. If you have not registered yet (Create an Account), please register first by clicking the "Create Account" button.

5. Create an account

For those of you new customers, please complete some of the following data. Complete your address data. Click the 'Register' button.

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6. shipping way

In this section, the shipment uses a fleet of DEPO APLUS. The nominal amount of postage is Rp. 25,000 ( Flat). Delivery maximum 2 x 24 hours work after payment.

7. Payment method

In this section you can choose the appropriate payment method. click the ESPAY symbol. Now you just choose your payment method. There are 4 payment options provided by the DEPO APLUS as shown below.

          A. Credit Card : You just fill the card number,yor name according to the card,and expired CCV/CW

          B. Outlet payment ( FINPAY ) : KLIK DISINI for detail.

          C. Online Payment ( Mandiri ) : Have user ID Mandiri KlickPay and Mandiri Token

          D. ATM Transfer ( Permata Bank ) :

8. How to view your purchasing status

Click your name in the top right corner. clickibility "Purchase History". Then click order history and details,and your purchase status will appear.